What is the cost of a book trailer?

We have three affordable packages depending on your need. Our best priced package that gives you great features at a great price is the Pro Package. Check out prices for all packages here.

Do book trailers actually sell books?

In short, no. The job of the book trailer is to grab the reader’s attention so that they notice you among the sea of other authors in your genre (we call this Know). Done properly, the book trailer leads them to your website for more details. A properly configured author website converts visitors to your email subscriber list. Once on your list, you build a relationship with them (we call this Like and Trust). So, when readers Know, Like and Trust you, they buy books.

How long would it take to make my trailer?

From the time you approve the script, character images and music, you can expect delivery of your trailer in 14 business days.

How long does it take to build a good email list?

Surprisingly, it doesn’t take a long time. If you configure your website to convert visitors into subscribers and you do creative things such as contests or giveaways, you can grow a list very fast.

Do you work in all book genres?

We currently are not working in the Erotica, Religion & Spirituality, Gay & Lesbian, Occult, Legal or Medical book genres. But check back since we are always looking to expand.

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