“There is no doubt in my mind that the book trailer is my greatest marketing weapon.”
– Sarah Andre

Featured Project: Locked, Loaded and Lying Book Trailer

The Challenge
As a debut author I wanted my book to stand out in a field of hundreds of thousands of romance novels. An impossible task! Although my cover was intriguing and the back cover blurb well written, I believed there was nothing original enough to capture the attention of romance and suspense readers. I am confident enough in my writing that I just needed a ‘give me a chance’ strategy for strangers to pick up the book.

The Solution
I had seen several authors’ book trailers and know that most Americans enjoy short clips on YouTube, so I hired Jerome McLain to create a book trailer for me. I supplied him with a quick synopsis, descriptions of the characters and their personalities, and that I wanted the tone to be like my plot: fast-paced and intense.

The Results
As you can see by the trailer, the result is superb! The feedback I receive from friends and strangers has been outstandingly positive and most insert the phrase “I totally need to read this now!” I have not seen the actual sales results from my first royalty check, but there is no doubt in my mind that the book trailer is my ‘greatest marketing weapon.’ Anywhere I post online or any new FB/Twitter friends who follow me I respond with a greeting and insert a link to the YouTube video. It’s not an aggressive ‘buy my book’ statement (which is my end result) but rather a ‘here’s what I wrote.’ It’s the perfect marketing tool and I cannot recommend Jerome and his talent highly enough.

Watch the Locked, Loaded and Lying book trailer

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